Pottery of the Ancients

   The Ancient Process


About the Pottery and Contemporary Potters such as Bob Casias:

All of the pottery produced today by Bob Casias follows the tradition of the ancients by using tools such as gourd scrapers, polishing stones, and yucca fiber paint brushes that are believed to have been employed throughout the hand-building of prehistoric pieces. The clays used are mined by hand and taken from an area near present-day Cortez Colorado. A high gloss is achieved on the surface of the pottery by burnishing the surface of each piece with a smooth polishing stone. The organic paint used to apply designs, emulating those found in the archeological record, is produced by boiling the leaves, seeds and stalks of the Rocky Mountain Bee plant. The paint is applied to the pottery using a fine strand of yucca plant fiber. The pottery is dried and placed in a trench kiln for approximately two hours and during the firing process iron within the white montmorillonite clay interacts with the organic paint leaving black designs contrasted against the white clay to produce the hallmark of ancient black-on-white pottery. Bob has been producing replicas of the Ancient Puebloan's pottery for the past fifteen years.